Are you a VAT dummy? Test your VAT knowledge with our VAT quiz.


How confident are you of your VAT knowledge? Do you know enough about the essential VAT information so that you can answer VAT questions confidently?

For any professional interacting with VAT in some way, whether it is making decisions in shipping and logistics, Accounts Payable/Receivable or finance, there is basic VAT knowledge needed to be known.

Some of the critical questions include:

  • Do you know your inputs from your outputs?
  • What is the difference between an export and a dispatch?
  • Which countries are included in the EU VAT territory?
  • What is a PESM?
  • When is the VAT Return due for submission?


For a free online VAT knowledge check, why not test yourself with our VAT quiz and find out whether you are a VAT expert or a VAT dummy?

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