How an online VAT Knowledge portal can help your business


In these digital times with businesses, tax authorities, professional bodies and tax magazines increasingly embracing online methods as a means of communicating changes in tax guidelines and legislation, as well as commentary on future developments, it can be very time consuming checking all of those channels. We’ve been there…!

Life for finance professionals would be much simpler if there was a single resource where they could achieve access for their staff for up-to-date training material, blog posts on key current issues and Tweets highlighting new developments as they emerge.

Our online VAT knowledge portal could be the answer.

We are helping to improve VAT processes and controls in large businesses by delivering an online VAT knowledge portal that has enabled enterprises to:

– Target and address problems areas in VAT processing and reporting,

– Improve VAT knowledge in key business functions making VAT related decisions,

– Close VAT knowledge gaps between the most knowledgeable and least knowledgeable in the business, thus improving overall efficiency and performance,

– Provide on-going, up-to-date support for staff working with VAT, and

– Add documented and measurable support to robust and structured VAT risk management strategies.

We work closely with our users, listen to their feedback in focused discussion groups and review user activity to continually improve our offering. The current usage trends amongst our users can be split mainly between:

– Using the online VAT training courses which are kept up-to-date with changes in legislation and VAT practice as they take effect,

– Using the extensive VAT Resource library which contains reference materials and guides outlining rules and regulations on common business issues across all EU Member States,

– Posting to the platform VAT forum enabling members to gain access to expert VAT advice on the issues affecting their performance of their roles and duties, and

– Reading our VAT blog posts and social media feeds to review current VAT issues businesses need to be aware of as well as the latest VAT news.

To find out more about what we do and how we’re helping businesses, get in touch and we’d be pleased to share our experiences with you.

Or, if you think we could help your business, sign up for a free online demonstration.