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How do I pay?

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Depending on your subscription method, there are a maximum of three methods of payment: Pay against an invoice, pay online via PayPal or pay online through SagePay.

If you choose a monthly subscription with payment taken each month, you can pay via PayPal or SagePay. This is because these payment methods allow easy monthly payments to be made to keep your monthly subscription up to date.

If you choose to pay via an annual subscription payment, you will have these two payment methods, plus the option to pay against an invoice. If you choose to pay via invoice, you will be issued with an invoice by us within 2-3 working days after your course purchase. You will then have 14 days to complete payment. Once we have received the payment from you, your order will be marked as complete and your annual subscription will begin, with your online training course/s being assigned to you, automatically.


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