New and improved Titan VAT Learning platform


We're very proud to introduce our new and improved online VAT knowledge solution – we've been hard at work over the last few months listening to feedback from our users and contributors to deliver a better VAT learning experience.

We've undertaken a root and branch review of all aspects of our platform and tweaked the features to improve functionality of our online VAT training courses, VAT Resources and Assessments.

We hope you all enjoy the new platform!

Or, if you haven't seen it yet, get in touch and we'd love to walk you through it.




  • Live Chat with our VAT experts
  • Learning Dashboard – easier and quicker access to essential VAT information in the VAT Resource Library and Decision Trees
  • Improved aesthetics for displaying VAT learning content
  • Responsive layout for tablet and mobile devices
  • Support Centre for finding answers to frequently asked questions
  • My Company Notes – a hub to contain important VAT process documents and the latest VAT information
  • Upload Notes – upload your VAT notes and important documents in to your Learning Dashboard
  • Social Media feeds integrated in to your Learning Dashboard – no need to search for the VAT updates!
  • Enhanced VAT reporting capabilities – great reporting tools for managers to oversee staff VAT training courses
  • Streamlined VAT reporting functions – easier to run reports which can be exported to MS excel to support a good VAT risk management strategy