VAT Reference Material

Look-up important VAT information in our comprehensive VAT Resource Library which contains information booklets, guides and reference tables.

Wide coverage of VAT topics

Our VAT Resources cover topics in all 28 EU Member States. Easily compare, contrast and analyse the implementation and enforcement of VAT rules in different EU Member States. For example, assess the differences between the criteria needed to be present when issuing compliant VAT Invoices.

We're a trusted knowledge hub

All of our VAT Resources are monitored by our VAT Knowledge Managers who keep all information up-to-date - we do this by obtaining the latest VAT information and track changes as they happen.

Access to the VAT Resource Library is simple

Access the VAT Resource Library on all devices, operating systems and Internet Browsers.

The VAT Resource Library covers topics in all 28 EU Member States, and includes:

  • EU VAT Rates
  • VAT Registration Thresholds
  • Distance Selling Thresholds
  • VAT Compliance Obligations & Filing Deadlines
  • Invoicing Requirements
  • Non-deductible Input Tax, and many more...


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