Stay on top of your VAT professional development


Many tax and accounting professionals are struggling to juggle the ever-increasing demands from clients, vendors, internal management and tax authorities of their time.

Most people tend to sacrifice their personal time which is taken over by the now accepted (and expected) norm of being available and online 24/7. On top trying to achieve a good home/work life balance, qualified professionals also need to find the time to fit in staying on top of their VAT professional development. All in all, this isn’t easy!

With finance and accounting professionals being online more and more, they are looking for solutions to help speed up how they can stay on top of the latest developments and earn continuing professional development (CPD) hours at the same time.

Ultimately, finance and accounting professionals need to find a solution (online solution, of course) that can serve the dual purposes of adding knowledge and value to their clients or business whilst decreasing the pressure on their personal time.

There are a number of different ways professionals can do this. So, instead of trying to complete that next level on Candy Crush Soda on your commute home, why not spend 5-10 minutes reading a blog or looking for relevant information on Twitter? Or you could try to earn CPD hours and learn via an online training course.

With mobile and on-the-go learning the latest hot trend in eLearning and online training courses, most reputable providers will have courses that can be accessed from any mobile device.

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