Time is running out: have you completed your ATT / CIOT CPD?


If you are a member of the Chartered Institute of Tax (CIOT) or Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) then the time to complete your 2015 CPD Annual Return is fast approaching.

The Annual Return consists of 11 questions based on your work history over the past 12 months and current work status. Members also self-certify their CPD compliance and PII on the Return.

The form is available online from June 2015 and should be completed and submitted by the end of August. Completion of the Annual Return is a compulsory part of membership obligations.

Question 8 on the Return is: “Have you completed your CPD?”

So what are the CPD requirements?

CIOT Members are required to undertake a minimum of 90 hours CPD per calendar year, of which at least 20 hours should be non-reading.

ATT members are required to undertake a minimum of 45 hours CPD per calendar year, of which not more than 30 hours should be reading.

The following actions can all count towards the non-reading element:

  • attending conferences, training courses, workshops, seminars and webinars,
  • watching podcasts,
  • completing computer based training packages
  • writing books, articles and reviews


It is worth noting that you can average your CPD over three consecutive years so you may still be able to comply even if you have not completed the required CPD for one year.

However, if you are quite up to filling your CPD quota, why not check out our VAT blog articles? Or, to get a head start on next year’s CPD with our fully accredited online VAT training courses.

Further information on the requirements are available on the CIOT and ATT websites: