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Titan Learning Features

Interactive Courses
Our interactive VAT eLearning courses are business role driven and are developed by industry leading international VAT experts. We use real-world exercises, examples, videos, diagrams and quizzes to help put the VAT theories and concepts in to practice.
Measurable Learning
Measure VAT knowledge, competency and progress by completing our end of course VAT Assessment. VAT Assessment questions are based on real-world VAT examples and common VAT scenarios learnt in course modules.
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Available on
multiple devices

Learn VAT on the move
Learn any time on multiple devices by logging in to the Titan Learning platform to access online VAT training courses, VAT knowledge assessments and other useful online VAT tools.
Automatic Updates
Automated VAT news and course updates to stay up-to-date with the latest VAT rates and legislation changes as they happen across the EU.
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Diverse Learning Materials

Online VAT Training Courses
Take VAT training courses online based on a range of VAT topics. Our online VAT training courses cover topics such as ensuring 100% VAT compliance, a VAT 101 featuring a beginner’s guide to VAT and corporate VAT issues such as how to improve VAT in accounts payable.
Online VAT Tools
In-depth VAT Resources developed by our VAT experts to support VAT learning and act as reference materials for guidance through VAT topics covering the 28 EU Member States.
Cost Effective & Cost Efficient
eLearning initiatives lower the cost of training groups located in disparate geographical locations and are easier to implement and manage than classroom training.
Keep VAT knowledge in the business
By implementing a VAT eLearning solution, retain the VAT knowledge, practices and processes within the business when key personnel leave.
Get new employees up to speed
eLearning solutions are a great way of getting new employees up to speed with VAT by making the eLearning courses part of the induction process.
Take control of VAT knowledge
Put control in your hands; our solution enables you to learn at your own pace, in your own environment.
Learn quicker and smarter
Interactive and engaging eLearning is proven to be more effective than classroom based training.
Certified Learning
Earn Continued Professional Development (CPD) hours for every eLearning course taken. We are certified by the CPD UK Service.
VAT Updates
Receive automated VAT news updates to stay up-to-date with the latest VAT rates and legislation changes.
Documented Learning
Track user engagement with course and module progress and activity reports.
Documented Improvement
Track VAT knowledge acquired by users by running reports on VAT Assessment performance.


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