UK VAT - The Essentials


Course Summary

This course is designed for non-VAT professionals who require a beginner’s guide to VAT and need to know the essential VAT information to make more informed and confident VAT related decisions. This course will help guide learners through key considerations such as how to calculate VAT on supplies, how to avoid irrecoverable VAT and ways to minimise VAT costs.

Key Benefits

VAT is the very essence of a business tax - it applies to all purchases and sales transactions. The important decisions on whether to charge VAT, reclaim it or decide whether VAT has been properly charged by suppliers are taken by the people who are embedded into core business activities and those people are often unaware of the impact their decisions have on the business.

Role Suggestion

This course is suitable for business professionals, ranging from accounting and finance to logistics and supply chain professionals.

CPD Certified: Yes
CPD Hours: 4 Hours

Modules Resources
History & Background of EU VAT Bad Debt Relief
How VAT Works EU Tax Authorities
VAT Compliance EU VAT Number Formats
VAT Rates Incoterms
Supplies of Goods Incoterms 2010 Cost Allocation
Supplies of Services Minimum VAT Invoice Information by Country
Invoicing Rules Non-deductible Input Tax
Deducting VAT - Input Tax Record Keeping Requirements
Cash Flow & Accounting for VAT VAT Grouping Index
VAT Hints & Tips
VAT Resource Pack
VAT & the Economic Landscape (infographic)