Want the most up to date VAT training? Online VAT eLearning courses is the way to go.


How do you approach the training needs of yourself or others within your business? Are you moving with the times?

For years attending classroom-based courses or completing software-based courses was the main way to learn about new subjects and topics, however developments in technology and communications mean eLearning is now the most efficient way to train and develop people. 

Whereas with other methods once you have left the classroom or printed off your completion certificate, the course material could immediately be out of date; with eLearning you are always bang up to date. Staying on top of current developments can be vitally important in fast changing worlds such as tax.

For example, using out of date VAT rates in printed materials could mean under-charging customers and having to pay HMRC VAT at a later date and incurring a VAT penalty. Not to mention a hit on cash flow and professional reputation… 

Our VAT eLearning courses are continually updated with changes in VAT legislation and new HMRC procedures. Not only that, our VAT knowledge portal through which the courses are accessed also includes a twitter feed with VAT updates as they arise, a VAT blog discussing the latest hot topics and an online tax forum through which you can raise issues and receive expert feedback.

So, what are you waiting for, why not try out our VAT training courses online today?

Book an online demonstration of our VAT learning platform here, or sign-up for a free trial here.

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