What is Fun Theory?


Back in 2009, Volkswagen came up with the Fun Theory. A simple concept that many of us may take for granted, but nevertheless a powerful tool for behaviour modification. The Fun Theory states that “if things are more fun, they are better”.

If you imagined two virtually identical activities, with the sole difference that one is more fun than the other, it only stands to reason that the more fun option would be better and therefore preferred.

The question is, why aren’t we trying to make everything more fun?

You may remember a video going viral where to encourage people to use the stairs over the adjacent escalator, the stairs were transformed into a musical piano (or “piano stairs”). As you can see from the video, the difference in peoples’ behaviour with regards to taking the stairs was massive. This was simply because the action of walking up/down a set of stairs became more fun.

 So, how does this relate back to eLearning?

It sounds great that everyone should try and make things more fun, but what does this have to do with eLearning? Well, the exact same principle; “if things are more fun, they are better” applies just as much to eLearning as it does to anything else such as walking up/down stairs.

For example, take two training courses; one a dull, dry unimaginative training course, and the other an interactive, fun online training course. Supposing the same content is covered, the latter sounds much more appealing to learners. Of course, not only would there be an increase in learner satisfaction and enthusiasm, but surely a more fun and memorable training experience would increase retention of what was learnt. The theory holds that making a fun eLearning course is more effective as well as more desirable.

Even what might be perceived to be the most mundane task can be made more enjoyable. So, when you start to plan your next training course or undertaking, take a moment to think “could this be more fun?”

If you are interested in seeing how Titan Learning incorporates the Fun Theory, check out our courses, or if you’d like to find out more about the fun theory then head to the original site.


Image credit – www.marketingon6th.com/