Why Titan Learning

In an ideal world all staff interacting with VAT would be knowledgeable, confident and 100% correct in making VAT related decisions.

In the real world, that is not the reality.

Implementing an effective and efficient way of training all staff to a high operational level while providing them with the tools to do their job more accurately and confidently is a tried and trusted way of making sure your business is on their way to an ideal world scenario.

Failure to address key VAT issues and challenges can create major problems for businesses, such as:

  • VAT errors creating cash flow problems whether it is charging or reclaiming too much or too little VAT,
  • VAT impacting the bottom line through VAT charging errors, inaccurate VAT recovery or engrained hidden irrecoverable VAT in transaction chains, and
  • VAT compliance errors harming a business’ reputation with the Tax Authority and increasing exposure to risk.

Our key platform features provide users with a comprehensive online VAT management solution which engages and empowers staff to learn about essential VAT information, keep up to date with the latest VAT changes and will improve VAT controls and processes.

VAT Risk Factors


VAT is changing more than ever in the EU with increases in VAT rates and the introduction of new VAT legislation. How do businesses keep up-to-date and ensure the most relevant information is available to all staff who need it, when they need it?

Titan Learning Features:

News Updates and Alerts: Receive email updates and alerts from our VAT Knowledge Team who keep track of changes as they happen.

VAT Resource Library: Use our on-demand VAT Resource Library full of useful and practical tables, guides and charts that provide the latest information on VAT topics across the 28 EU Member States.

VAT Training Course Updates: All of our online VAT training courses are reviewed and updated to reflect the latest VAT rates, rules and thresholds.


Maximise VAT recovery and minimise incorrect VAT treatment on supplies to customers. How do businesses avoid the pitfalls that create problems and potential HMRC audits and assessments?

Titan Learning Features:

Interactive Online VAT Training Courses: Empower staff to proactively learn about the key VAT information needed to perform their job better.

VAT Assessments: Measure VAT knowledge, competency and progress through our end of course VAT Assessment. The VAT Assessment questions are based on real-world VAT examples and common VAT scenarios experienced by our VAT experts over a 30-year period in international VAT.

Decision Making Tools: Decision Trees developed as useful and practical decision making tools to help simplify some of the most complex and challenging aspects of dealing with VAT. Our Decision Trees guide users through the steps, processes and challenges with a series of simple instructions and questions.


Investment in staff professional development in turn brings about staff investment in the business, where happier more confident staff make better VAT decisions and increases business productivity.

Titan Learning Features:

Continued Professional Development: All of our courses are CPD UK Service accredited and learners will earn CPD hours from our great VAT courses.

On-demand Learning: On-demand access to essential VAT information in staff Learning Dashboard.

Smarter Learning: Online VAT courses are interactive and engaging which is proven to be more effective than classroom based training methods.

Key Benefits of Titan Learning

Cost Efficient: Cut down on staff time away from the office, reduces expensive travel and accommodation costs and lecturer costs.

Rapid Response to Changes: Content is updated instantly to reflect the latest developments in VAT to make sure everyone is using the correct data and information.

Refreshed Learning Content: Course training content is refreshed and updated to provide learners with new and engaging material to keep them learning.

Consistency & Standardisation of VAT Knowledge: All staff are learning the same thing and you can control the content.

Reach Geographically Dispersed Locations: Online training solutions reach many staff in diverse geographical locations that would otherwise go without training, or be very expensive and difficult to train.

Measure & Track Performance – Show ROI: Use in-built reporting tools to track learner progress and run reports to MS Excel to show detailed interactions and scores.